Two years in row Berlin was literally the European capital city for start-ups but this year. This year the title goes to London. Berlin is fourth. Second and third are Stockholm and Paris. In the first half of 2016, investments are decreased by venture capitalists. In comparison to the same period of the previous year, it is decreased by 64% to 520 million Euro.

However, inside Germany Berlin is still first when it comes to start-ups. With 520 million Euro, every second Euro goes to Berlin followed by Bayern (194 million euros), North Rhine-Westphalia (70 million euros) and Hamburg (52 million euros).

Yet, according to the study „booming berlin“, published by the Institute for Strategy Development (IFSE) in spring 2016, start-up-companies will be Berlin’s biggest employer in a few years. 620 Start-ups were counted. In 2012 it was only 270. All the start-ups in Berlin employ around 143 200 workers. Therefor they are in the fifth place, just behind the Berlin Transport Company and before Siemens.



Schuan Wallaschi