My dear followers and readers,

today is my last day. If you are originally from country where a war is going on since centuries, you are forever doomed. It will prevent you for ever to live a life like everybody else.

I have to go back to support my parents. I have to be there, help them and take care of them or find another solution to make their life better!

Seems like it is my destiny. A destiny which prevents me to live a normal life. A destiny which makes me run away once I feel comfortable! A destiny which will always prevent me from settling down somewhere and live a life in peace in harmony till the end of my life. My whole life was about watching other countries killing my peoples while nobody is helping them. You can imagine that under these circumstances nobody will ever have a normal life or will ever be able to work normal.

I am pretty sure the next one who replace me will do awesome. Even better.

I hope you enjoyed my work.

I’ll be back!

Warm Regards

Schuan Wallaschi